Enjoying the synth packs? 

Then you may want to try out our free drum racks for Ableton Live. Our drum samples are recorded from classic drum machines, processed through boutique hardware equipment in Sydney’s premier recording studios – Studios 301 – and then loaded into easy to use drum racks for Ableton Live.

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New to Ableton Live? Try our free beginners course.

In collaboration with Flume, we’ve built a free online course – the Beginners Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live. In the course you’ll learn the basics of music-making with Ableton Live, while using Flume’s own sounds and projects from his self titled debut album.

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Want to learn more?

If you’re not familiar already, Liveschool is a Music Production school and Ableton Certified Training Centre in Sydney Australia.  At Liveschool we help people produce music to the best of their abilities, through training from award winning artists who teach their own proven innovative techniques in our courses on Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Music Theory, Arrangements, Beats and more.

Produce Music 2 July 2018

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Anyhow, enough about us, enjoy the synth samples & happy music making!