Producer and mix engineer Shawn Mohammadi  (aka Naderi, The Only & Neon Stereo) recently came in as a guest trainer for our Mixing & Mastering course, and seriously…both the students and ourselves were blown away. This guy is a force of nature.

You might remember Shawn’s name being mentioned on this blog by Chris Emerson (What So Not) in this video of his talk at our Music Producer’s Conference INPUT. Shawn was something of a mentor to both Chris and the other half of What So Not – Harley Streten (aka Flume), with whom Shawn now shares a music studio. When we met Shawn it totally made sense – he’s everything you’d ever want in a mentor. Not only is he affable, generous with his time and experienced in the music industry (and studio), perhaps most importantly – Shawn is bursting with creative ideas and clever techniques.

In this video excerpt from Shawn’s Mixing & Mastering class with Liveschool, he demonstrates how to get your reverb sounding huge and pumping, without losing any clarity of the sound. We’re not just talking EQ (which most good producers/mixers use to shape their reverb send), Shawn’s method goes much further to include side-chain compression (ducking) from two different sources, overdrive, stereo image enhancement and more. The results speak for themselves – with Shawn taking a tiny synth pluck and transforming into into a massive big room house sound.

Shawn will also be speaking at our INPUT: Drum Production Masterclass event on Saturday August 30th 2014. The event features seven hand-picked drum production specialists – including sound designers, classically trained players, mixing engineers and more – in an afternoon packed with instructive performances, tutorials and Q&As. More info and tickets available here.

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