This Video has been put together with the hugest thanks to all the presenters and participants at the last INPUT session.

Such a huge array of tips and techniques and insights to everybody’s workflows, and always the great surrounds at FBi Social.

If you missed the event, this vid will give you a glimpse of what went down, but mostly it’s for the benefit of our own fond (and rusty) memories.

Lineup of presenters and performers:

  • Griffin James (Francis Inferno Orchestra)
  • Adam Maggs (Liveschool / Ableton)
  • Angus Gruzman (The Finger Prince / Motorik Record Label)
  • Elizabeth Rose
  • Yama Indra (Gloves)
  • James Heyligers (Generous Greed)
  • I Speak Bahana
  • Mano A Mano

… plus a suprise drop-in from Chris Colonna from the Bumblebeez!

Thanks everyone – see you at the next one!

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