This slick new series from Ableton showcases nine artists taking us through their creative process: Made in Ableton Live. Head to the Ableton website for the full low-down on each artist, including Bad Snacks, Eomac, Rachel K Collier, Abayomi, Keychee, Navaa, Underbelly, Anna Disclaim and Freddie Joachim,

Watch Tracks Being Built in Ableton’s New Series, Made in Ableton Live

The limitless possibilities at the start of a new project can make it hard to know where to focus your inspiration. With that in mind, the new Made In Ableton Live video series follows nine artists as they take a track from conception to completion.

Every step of the way, the producers explain their process in detail, making these videos accessible to production newcomers and intermediate users too. Learn how to generate new sonic material, apply all kinds of processing techniques and approach arrangements and mixdowns from a spectrum of knowledgeable music makers. Once you’ve seen how it was made, listen to the full track via the link beneath each episode.