A couple of weeks back Ableton released Live 9.2 Beta as a free update to all registered Live users.

Liveschool’s Music Theory trainer Yama Indra (aka GLOVES) was pretty excited about one of the new features in particular – the addition of a Tuner device. So excited in fact that he put together a quick video showcasing the Tuner’s functions and elegant design, while tuning an original Minimoog Model D and electric guitar.

Fast forward one week and Yama realised the Tuner isn’t just great for tuning instruments, it’s also incredibly quick and easy to use for drum tuning in Ableton Live – so he whipped up a second video for you all to demonstrate that.

In case you missed it, Yama also did a talk at our INPUT conference recently in which he detailed 4 methods for tuning drums in Ableton Live. 

Watch both of the videos below and if you haven’t already, go check out the full list of updates (and download) for Live 9.2 Beta here.


Video 1: Getting Hands on with Live 9.2 Beta’s Tuner device

Video 2: Tuning Kick Drums with Live 9.2 Beta’s new Tuner Device


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