User Groups are local gatherings of Ableton Live users, grass-roots organisations unaffiliated with Ableton that are open to any interested Live user, from beginner to expert, and that encourage interaction and foster a sense of community and shared learning.

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September – October 2012   FLUME Remix sessions!

Sign-up to join guest producers, certified trainers and other Ableton Live users in your neighbourhood to rework audio files from Flume’s “Sleepless” track – and be in the running to win Ableton prizes. There’s an amazing line-up of special guest producers in various cities, including:

Ta-Ku, Gloves, Mr Bill, Uberjakd, Touch Sensitive, Alex Preston, Toni Toni Lee, Diger Rokwell, Dazastah, Lunabass, Philly Blunt, Oisima, M4Sonic, Hykus, Yarhkob, Adam Grace, Andy Garvey, Anthony Garvin, Choc St Clair, Ben Colin, Squalie, Stunami…. and more.

These are BYO laptops affairs, and if you don’t have Live yet you can download for free via the link below:

EDIT: this event has now passed, get tickets for our upcoming events here.

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