When most people think of a career in music they imagine performing in front of an audience, festival stages, club spots and hustling record labels. But this is just one way a music career can play out.

There are other avenues to flex your creative bent without having to set foot on a stage or hop on a plane. For some, these other pathways are an additional source of income – but they can also turn into careers in their own right.

Our extended Liveschool family have been collaborating with brands, social enterprises and global sports stars and in the process created some amazing music…


Himeya x Jeevan Antony

Now based in Dubai, graduate Jeevan Antony has collaborated with ethically-minded textile company Himeya to create a series of compositions designed to help people sleep, live and be better. The music combines with Himeya’s art direction to evoke an unmistakable sensation of calm, tranquility and restfulness. Heard by itself, Jeevan’s soundtrack plays more like an ambient artist’s album release than a job for a brand client:


HoMie x Josh Panakera-Molony

Liveschool trainer, Josh Panakera-Molony, created the music for this ad for Melbourne’s social enterprise HoMie – a not for profit which provides streetwear to young people experiencing hardship and homelessness.  Josh crafted a sonic logo through smart use of the vocal theme, and drove the narrative of the video through his production treatment and arrangement changes:


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Nike / Matildas x Ninajirachi & Nina Las Vegas

Team theme songs, like national anthems, summon the force of thousands of people – lifting their side, or lifting their spirits, in the face of adversity.

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open

The Matildas, the Australian women’s national soccer team, now have a theme song for a whole new generation thanks to our trainer Nina aka Ninajirachi and graduate Nina Las Vegas and their efforts in the studio with mates Kota Banks and KLP.


COMMAS x Frejya Garbett

As you watch, listen to graduate Frejya Garbett’s score for this ad for Menswear brand COMMAS. Notice how it perfectly matches what she’s working with. The video direction is minimalistic – a stark and clean landscape, the reflective pools. Frejya’s sonic impressionism mirrors these minimalist aesthetics and water themes to the extent that they become so closely linked it’s hard to separate them – was the video made to match the music, or the other way around? Together these condense the essence of the brand – summing up it’s style and how should be interpreted – all in one very short clip:


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Pizza Hut x Matthew Panopoulos

For an insight into how these career changes can come from unexpected places, recent graduate Matthew Panopoulos is a great example. He entered a competition we shared to him – created by Step Change Marketing to refresh the classic jingle for Pizza Hut – and with only a super-short turnaround time, he took out the top spot. This chance opportunity won him the $10,000 prize, enabling him to quit his job as a school teacher and take up producing music and voiceovers for commercials full time. Aside from an income, this day-job in music also allows him time to continue working on his various music projects, such as Lonely Ghost and Ka Hu.