For those with a taste for hard dance music, the name Deezl is that is gaining momentum. The Liveschool graduate recently signed to Gearbox Digital, one of the biggest names in the hard dance scene and is continuing to push forward with intricate production and genuine passion for his music community.

While it might seem hard to get your music in front of the right people, Deezl told us how his connections to the scene and this community spirit helped him get his foot in the door:

The connection with Gearbox came about through uploading my own music to Soundcloud and getting help from my friends, Splinta, Kamikaze and Anderex. Through them my music was shown to Phil, the label owner for Gearbox. Phil really loved the stuff I showed him and he signed me to the label as well as his booking agency Purebookings.

Deezl’s success is proof that passion for the community and the sound is one of the biggest keys to getting your music out into the world, no matter what style of music you make.

I’ve definitely done my best to become a true member of the culture that surrounds hard dance, as I’m extremely passionate about it and so is the community, much like the bass community. I would say the best thing to do to get your foot in the door to anything in the music industry would be to regularly attend the events you want to play at, perfect your skill, always, ALWAYS be producing.

With a grip of tracks that pair enormous melodic synths with high pressure drops worthy of the biggest soundsystems, Deezl is one to watch in the world of Hard Dance.

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