Liveschool graduates Pines have just released their debut album on the legendary Anjunabeats, the label owned by Trance royalty Above And Beyond. The LP, Dreamcycle is a wistful and melodic trip through electronic landscapes, perfectly suited for headphones and late nights.

Pines is the result of a collaboration between two friends who decided to take take their interest in electronic production to the next level with an intensive course at Liveschool. This collaborative approach to music has been one of the keys behind the success of the project:

We’ve found that working as a duo has been an ideal setup for us. Our tastes are very much in sync but our skill sets and work flows/styles probably vary quite a bit so we find the balance hugely beneficial. We’re both always open to ideas from the other person and probably recognise each others’ strengths and weaknesses pretty well too. 

This ability to complement each other’s skillsets has put Pines on an extremely productive path. With the ability to bounce off each other they have found a way to stay productive and keep pushing forward.

Most importantly for us, we find working together all the more rewarding and motivating than if we were working on our own. Production can be pretty taxing so being able to share any successes makes it all the more enjoyable.

With their remix album almost finished and talks of a second LP in the works it looks like Pines roll is set to continue.

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