Making music with other creative humans is so damn wholesome. Here’s a look (and listen) behind the scenes of one of our many collab sessions where we connect students and professional artists / producers, online and in our Sydney studios.

Check this tune…

That song is a work-in-progress by 2 students, Bernice and Josh – this is their first collaboration and it started from that session.

In fact, it actually started with these two legends, Touch Sensitive and Setwun, creating stems in our Sydney studios:

You can hear how some of those parts made it in to the song from the first vid?

After the stems were recorded we all got together for a mass collab session (both online and in our studios), connecting people from all over the globe. As a result, Josh and Bernice reworked those sounds, added their own vocals, built a structure together… and are now working on the finishing touches and gearing up for a release (watch this space!).

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open

Many more tracks, releases and new partnerships will come from this one session.

And the next session is just 8 weeks away!

Students and graduates of our Produce Music course have lifetime membership this community, and these sessions are just one of many series we run to connect and lift our people.

Strength. In. Numbers