How do you follow up a track with almost 8 Million streams on Spotify alone? Maybe the answer is to start back at square one. Liveschool graduate Isabel Stewart has racked up millions of plays on Spotify for her track Fences, a heartfelt neo-soul tune, perfectly suited for a lazy summer afternoon. But after all her success with Fences, Izzy has taken things in an unexpected direction.

Alive is the first track under Izzy’s new Ella Pho alias. After the success of Fences she found her taste in music starting to shift more towards Synth Wave and Electronic sounds, while at the same time found herself wanting an outlet that didn’t come with the baggage of big expectations.

Featuring an 80s synth pop direction, Alive is the sound of a young artist finding her true voice. As the first track Izzy has produced from start to finish, Alive is a testament to the artistic growth that comes from learning the ropes of production – opening up a world of possibility for an already talented artist.

“Going to Liveschool for me was about really wanting to delve into production a lot deeper. I really wanted to learn the ins and outs of creating sound. Although i really enjoyed working with a producer on my previous music, i think theres something special about being able to create the sounds in your head”

With all the hallmarks of 80s synth pop, from the big gated snare to the arpeggiated synths floating through the verses, Stewart nails the sound with precision. When it came to finialising the track Isabel turned to Liveschool Trainer Doug for the mix-down and Course Contributor Bendan for mastering, making it a Liveschool family affair from start to finish.

With more tunes in the pipeline for both of her projects, 2020 is looking like an exciting year for Isabel!