It’s been a breakout year for Liveschool trainer Thom McAllister, better known as Cop Envy. Continuing his steady stream of EP’s over the last few years, 2019 sees Thom release his most recent effort “Cotton” on London based label Hypercolour.

Home to artists ranging from legends Luke Vibert and Groove Armada to upcoming acts like Mor Elian and Luca Lozano – Hypercolour is the natural fit for Thom’s timeless approach to house music. Cotton’s four tracks feature restrained melodic elements and a serious focus on groove, which will make them a go-to for DJs looking to keep a crowd moving well into the late (early) hours. Layers of warm drums interspersed with dubbed out squalls of noise and synthesiser squelch help give the four tunes the right balance between human warmth and haunting atmospherics.

With a recent relocation to London, a co-production credit on Logic 1000’s “Please Forgive Me” and DJ bookings at venues like Berlin’s iconic Tresor, Cop Envy looks set to continue making waves.