Here at Liveschool we’ve long being trying to find a better way to schedule the Liveschool course dates. We’ve tried all sort of tricks in iCal, Trello and other scheduling software, but it’s never quite worked the way we wanted it to.

We were at our wit’s end, then had an epiphany that the answer was staring us in the face all along – we could create a calendar in Ableton Live! Our biggest unsolved problem with other software was not being able to shift a group of dates (which for us was a course) around at once. Using the session view in Ableton Live, we overcame this hurdle by making each group of dates (each course) a number of same coloured clips, which we could then easily highlight and drag to different dates to see how the courses all best fitted together. Sounds simple, but surprisingly no other software could do this (if you know of one, let us know in the comments below).

Download the Live Set to check out how we did it and if you want to use it as a calendar yourself, just delete the Produce Music clips and you’ve got yourself a 2014 calendar template – even the public holidays are marked in!

Download Liveschool’s Ableton Calendar here.


20th – Begin
21st – Music Theory

Produce Music Online


12th – Create & Destroy
12th – Produce Music
13th – Sound Design
17th – Begin
18th – Maschine
23rd – Beats
24th – Arrangements


13th – Create & Destroy
22nd – Begin


1st – Create & Destroy
1st – Produce Music
2nd – Begin
10th – Create & Destroy
14th – Begin
28th – Mixing & Mastering


10th – Create & Destroy
12th – Create & Destroy
12th – Produce Music
17th – Begin


14th – Create & Destroy
16th – Begin
17th – Maschine


3rd – Produce Music
9th – Create & Destroy
19th – Begin
31st – Beats


4th – Produce Music
12th – Begin
14th – Mixing & Mastering


3rd – Create & Destroy
6th – Create & Destroy
25th – Produce Music
30th – Arrangements


11th – Create & Destroy
22nd – Begin
29th – Beats


8th – Create & Destroy
11th – Mixing & Mastering
26th – Mixing & Mastering


18th – Begin


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