Since their launch of the Blak Australia playlist in 2017, Spotify have taken significant steps in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians. Building on this with the Deadly Beats (hip hop / electronic) and Original Storytellers (singer / songwriter) playlists, this support has now evolved into Dreaming Loud, a program that amplifies the talents of First Nations artists through multiple playlists, podcasts, and Liveschool scholarship opportunities.


Podcast and passionate curators

Hosted by Alethea Beetson, Spotify’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Lead, OUSS HITS is a new Music + Talk show providing a platform for Indigenous curators to share the music they love from their community. The show features guests such as Rhianna Patrick, curator of the Original Storytellers playlist, and Em Nicol, curator of the Blak Australia playlist.


Liveschool x Spotify Scholarship Program

In partnership with Spotify, Liveschool aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music producers and creators by offering scholarships to the PRODUCE MUSIC course. This 12-month part-time program is designed to provide artists with the necessary skills to take full control of their creative voice and to help others bring their unique sounds to life. Scholarships for shorter course modules are also available, evaluated on an individual basis.

Scholarship information


New playlists highlighting Indigenous artists

Both expanding and honing the scope of music genres Spotify recently unveiled four new playlists, including Proppa Bars (hip-hop) and Big Ancestor Energy (mood)…

… and two playlists for children and toddlers:

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open