We have been hard at work putting together an exciting project with Flume and Future Classic – the Beginners Guide to Music Production with Flume & Liveschool free online course. As part of the release of the Flume: Deluxe Edition 4-disc set, Flume has released Ableton Project files for four tracks from the album, and we have put together tutorial videos and a free online course to guide you through working with the files and creating your own music.

Beginners Guide to Music Production with Flume & Liveschool is a hands-on interactive course allowing you to explore Flume’s production methods and begin to create your own music under the guidance of Flume and Liveschool. The course is designed for people that are entirely new to music production, taking you through the basics of the software and concepts through to methods and techniques of not only remixing Flumes music but creating your own original tunes. The course is not limited to owners of the Flume: Deluxe Edition and is open to the public, and you can get started at any time – all you need is a computer – the Ableton Live software and Flume’s remix projects are all provided as free downloads within the course.

Flume famously took his first steps in producing electronic music using the demo disc of a software that came free in a box of cereal. Now, he’s laying foundations for the next generation to take their first steps in becoming world dominating producers.

Start your music making journey with Flume & Liveschool now.

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