We’re very excited to launch a remix contest we’ve organised for our man Flume, in conjunction with Ableton, Beatport, Future Classic and Ableton Live User Groups around Australia.

Here is an interview with the man himself, talking about the process of writing the track “Sleepless, feat Jezzabell Doran”, about how he got his break in the industry by entering a remix comp – and what it’s like to have a remix competition dedicated to one of his tracks.

So, about the contest and how we’re doing it…

The contest is open to everyone around the world via Beatport Play. Simply download the audio stems for “Sleepless” and start working.

For budding producers around Australia we’ve also hooked up with the Ableton Live User Groups in each city and running our Co-Producer Sprint event. The Co-Producer Sprint is where we select great producers to help give you inspiration, insight and assistance while you work on your remix. Everyone meets up via their local User Group with their production tools of choice, audio-stems at the ready, and then we work in sprints: some tips and advice from the guest producers, followed by a sprint of getting work done.

CPS is an event we run semi-regularly and are excited to use it to bring people together around Flume’s first ever remix competition!

Liveschool Open Day 28 Jan 2023

Huge thanks go to Ableton, Beatport and Future Classic for hosting the competition, providing the prizes, and for making the stems available.

We wish everyone participating the very best of luck, enjoy the Flume interview – and happy music making!


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