We’re very excited to announce that Liveschool will soon be releasing a series free synthesizer multisample packs, put together by our trainers Francis Xavier and Yama Indra (Gloves).

Ahead of the release, we took a camera into Francis Xavier’s new studio so we could show you the amazing hardware synth collection that they’ve been busy sampling. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the space where the dark magic happens for Francis and the Motorik label crew (aka Motorik Vibe Council).

Beyond being a notorious hoarder of analog synths and drum machines, Francis Xavier has been a key figure in Australia’s electronic music scene for well over a decade now, with a back catalogue that includes releases as Infusion (from which he received 2 ARIA awards), The Finger Prince (a collaboration with Bang Gang’s Gus Da Hoodrat), FEXStallone and a new EP under his own name – Francis Xavier. He’s also the main man behind the cult record label Motorik, whose techno-focused releases and warehouse parties across Australia are fast becoming the stuff of legend.

We can’t reveal much more about the forthcoming free synthesizer sample packs yet, but stay tuned to the Liveschool blog and newsletter where the first free sample pack will be unleashed in the next few weeks.

Oh – and you may want to get a drool-napkin ready before checking the gear collection in the video:

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