Over the past 2 years, Liveschool have released an extensive series of free drum samples and racks created with our friends at Studios 301. In that time we’ve sampled up a Linndrum, Korg Volca, Roland TR-808, Roland TR-8 and Vermona DRM-1, all recorded through some amazing boutique gear: SSL and powered by Neve consoles, Fairchild and Focusrite Red compressors,  Pultec and API EQs…the list goes on!

To build his ever increasing sample library, Liveschool trainer Yama Indra (aka GLOVES) and Thomas McAlister (Alba) recently pulled out the clap samples from our entire series of free drum samples and ran them through the Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer – a unique and much lusted-after spring reverb. The samples sounded so good, we thought we’d better share them with you all.

This download includes all 52 claps from the aforementioned drum machines recorded through the Moisturizer, as well as a bonus collection of special FX samples from the Moisturizer (made by tapping and scratching the exposed springs). The samples are all loaded into a ready-to-use Instrument Rack, which each has macro controls for Dry level, Wet level (Moisturizer Amount), Clap Select, Attack, Decay, Glue (applies the Glue Compressor) & Pitch.

Download the Moisturizer samples / rack here.


The Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer

The Moisturizer is a seriously unique piece of gear.

First and foremost, it’s a spring reverb where the springs are exposed – allowing you to physically modulate the springs with your fingers (or other tools). While that already makes it pretty special, the Moisturizer also includes a multimode analog filter with no resonance limiting (letting it get to really extreme “bubbly” settings), the cutoff frequency of which which can be modulated by the onboard analog LFO.

So in practice, the Moisturizer:

  • has an excellent spring reverb
  • can be used as a standalone multimode analog filter
  • is capable of all sorts of weird, wonderful and unique effects

The unit retails for around US$400 – if you’re interested in getting one for yourself or want to learn more about the Moisturizer, head over to the product page at Knas’ site. 


The samples for this pack were recorded through a Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer before being captured back into Ableton Live via a Universal Audio Apollo interface.

The samples were captured with the reverb level at 100%, which means you can easily adjust your own wet / dry levels in the instrument rack. In case you were wondering, the reverb length on the Moisturizer is not adjustable – as this would require changing the size of the springs altogether.

All samples were lightly driven to taste through the Moisturizer’s analog preamp for a slightly lo-fi sound that complemented the dirtiness of it’s spring reverb. The Moisturizer’s in-built analog High Pass Filter was also lightly engaged (with zero resonance) to remove the sub bass frequencies of the spring reverb that were irrelevant for these claps and snares.

The Moisturizer has quite a substantial level of inherent noise which we’ve lightly reduced using Izotope’s amazing RX Denoiser plugin.

Enjoy the pack & happy music making!


Download the Moisturizer samples / rack here.


Want more processed samples? We’ve also run our 808 samples through the OTO Biscuit – get it here.

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