Taking inspiration from our free drum sample series, Liveschool trainers Francis Xavier (Motorik) and Yama Indra (Gloves) have been getting busy in Motorik’s studio again – sound designing and recording thousands of samples from Francis’ incredible synthesizer collection and turning them into Ableton Live ready multi-sampled instruments, which Liveschool and our friends at Stoney Roads are giving away as a series of multi-sampled free synth packs.

First up was the infamous bleep-and-bass machine, the Roland SH-101 – this time they’ve taken on another stone-cold-classic, the Korg MS-20. 


Let’s get started with an audio preview of some of the sounds in the download…



The Machine

The Korg MS-20 is a 2 oscillator monosynth, originally produced from 1978-1983.

The MS-20 not only looks cool on stage, it’s sound design possibilities are immense. While some connections in the synth are hardwired, the MS-20 also has a fairly extensive patch panel on the front – allowing some of the signal path flexibility usually only found in modular synths. These semi-modular possibilities alongside other uncommon features like it’s multimode filter (high pass, low pass, notch and band-reject), have made the Korg MS-20 one of the most flexible and sought after monosynths of all time.

Read more about the Korg MS-20’s signal flow, sound-design capabilities and also some personal anecdotes here in Francis Xavier’s (Motorik) full length review of the Korg MS-20 at Stoney Roads (our partners in crime on this one).


The Sampling

As you can imagine, the multi-sampling process is a little complicated and time consuming,- but the results are worth it.

The process goes something like this:

  • First, they designed the sound – tweaking all of the modifiers and modulators until it was just right.
  • Then it’s time to tune – being an analog synth, it’s essential to check that it’s in tune before recording.
  • Next, they sent MIDI to the Korg MS-20 from Ableton Live via a Kenton Pro Solo CV/MIDI converter. For most sounds, the MIDI was sent to trigger every note one-by-one, waiting for it to fall back to silence before triggering the next note.
  • The samples were then captured via an RME Fireface audio interface, back into Ableton Live.
  • Then came the time consuming part – editing thousand of samples to get the start and end times exactly right.
  • Once the samples were edited, they then dropped them into Live’s Sampler instrument and using a few quick workflows, easily assigned each sample to it’s correct note.

Voila! – a note-for-note capture of an analog synth icon, ready for you to use in Ableton Live.

Get a taste of what synths they’ll be sampling up next in this video tour of Francis’ synth collection / Motorik’s studio.


Free Synth Pack Download

Click here, or the button below to download the free Korg MS-20 multi-sample pack.

  • 11 ready to play instruments, powered by note-for-note samples from the Korg MS-20 – this is true analog synth power ready to use in Ableton Live (any version).
  • 8 sound designed presets, plus raw cycling waveforms for you to use in designing your own sounds.
  • Not sure how to use it or save the instruments? – we’ve got you covered, here’s a quick video that explains it.
  • 100% royalty free – now go make some great music with them!




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