A milestone in Ninajirachi’s rise to prominence, her first collected body of work, is the dreamy inspiring ‘Lapland’ EP.  From her beginnings in a Central Coast high school in 2017, her first single ‘Pure Luck’ made with friend and vocalist Freya Star has since gained millions of Spotify plays. Her success continued with a ‘Same World’ with Yates on Sweat It Out! records, remixes for Kilter and Flight Facilities, joining Liveschool as a trainer, and several nationwide tours .

All has been the perfect primer for the arrival of this much-anticipated EP.

– What inspired the music on the Lapland EP?
The grainy field recordings throughout the tracks are some of my favourite parts. Each song was inspired by different things, but generally they were all inspired by colours and textures.

– From start to finish, how long did it take to produce?
In one sense it took years and in another only a few months. I started some of the tracks in 2015 and 2016, but I was only consciously pulling ideas together and creating/completing the EP for a couple months at the beginning of 2018.

– Which track on the Lapland EP are you most fond of and why?
Probably the title track – it feels like a few different songs in one and it sits nicely as an intro/abstract for the whole EP. Voss is a close second. I hate saying that though because I love them all!

– What would you like the fans to experience while listening to the EP?
I’d like them to be able to feel the highs and lows. I intended for the tracks to move fluently into one another and the tempo to get faster as the tracks go on. It’s hard to say any of this without sounding super cliche though haha. I just hope everyone enjoys it.

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– What is your go-to synth / plug in and why?
At the moment, definitely Ableton’s wavetable – it’s comprehensive but really straightforward at the same time – I find the UI really intuitive.

– Was there ever a problem with writers block? if so, how did you counter it?
I get writer’s block every now and then, and it used to really upset me, but I’ve realised it’s a pretty natural thing to feel. Now I counter it by just staying away from my DAW and working on something other than music. There are so many ways to be productive, and if writing music is giving me grief, I like to take a break from it and do something else. I try to listen to lots of music when I’m taking a break too.

In the case that I need to have a piece of music finished urgently for a submission of some sort and I’m feeling really uninspired, I search the internet for fun songwriting/production techniques that I haven’t tried before to get things moving. I just try to make it fun all the time.

– Do you have any tips for another artist looking to create a body of work?
For a musical body of work, try to finish all the tracks around the same time. Even if you started them all at super different stages of your life, polishing them altogether will give them all a cohesive ‘top coat’ as such. At the very least try to mix them all around the same time.

– In the future, who would be your top 3 artists you’d aspire to collaborate with?
Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Charli XCX. Anything is possible 🙂

– What’s your go to snack while making music?
Plain soy crisps or raw baby spinach!! Or both.

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Ninajirachi Lapland Tour 2019

1/3 / Sydney / Rinse and Repeat Friday’s @ Cali Club
2/3 / Wollongong / Deja Vu @ The Grand Hotel
16/3 / Perth / Slim’s Up Late @ Jack Rabbit Slim’s
27/3 / Bondi / Beach Road Hotel
29/3 / Melbourne / Loner @ Loop Bar
3/5 / Canberra / UC Hub