What is Gate Remixing?

Gate Remixing is a workflow we created for remixing loops really quickly. Instead of editing parts by chopping them up, you play the edits. Playing is also how you change the edits to create new variations. In fact, coming up with quick changes and variations is a huge part of what make this technique so fluid – overall it feels a very “musical” way to work.

Gate Remixing is a great tool when writing music, and it’s excellent as a live performance workflow. You can program it with a mouse or using a keyboard, drum pad or Ableton Push. And it’s very different to sampling, as we’ll see in the classroom footage below…

The Basics

Each template has 4 main components:

  • The Trigger Track – when you play or program MIDI patterns in here, you remix the Sounds.
  • The Sounds (group) Track – contains all the loops that get remixed by your Trigger Track.
  • The Resampling Track – hit record on this track to capture all your jamming as an audio file.
  • Audio Effect Return Tracks – use the “sends” on the Sounds track/s to introduce effects.


Examples in action:


Lo Fi House Drums – Loop Pack

Get the pack here: Lo Fi House Drums Pack – by Anthony Fade


Broken Techno Drums – Loop Pack

Get the pack here: Broken Techno Drums Pack – by Cop Envy


Acid House Synth – Loop Pack

Get the pack here: Acid House 303 Synth Pack

Detailed Explanation:

Want to know how it all works under the hood? For the more tech-minded, here’s how to edit and customise the Gate Remixing template.