Liveschool quick tip

This tip is great for when you want to quickly jump to any effect, instrument or rack on a given track in Ableton Live.

By right-clicking the Device View Selector (as shown in the image) you will see a list of all devices on that track. By selecting any of them, the display will scroll and navigate to show you that device – even if it was enclosed within a rack.

This navigation shortcut will speed up your workflow, faster than than regular device navigation, in the following situations:

  • if you’re using a scroll-wheel mouse instead of a trackpad that allows you to easily scroll left and right
  • when you have devices in racks, particularly when those racks are grouped within other racks
  • when racks contain multiple chains of devices
  • it’s a quick way to see what’s inside any rack you haven’t built yourself

Another aspect of this feature is that it actually selects the device for you, meaning if you have a MIDI controller handy (one that “instant maps” to Ableton Live), then you can start turning the dials straight away.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a production session that much more efficient.

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