Probably the coolest people we’ve ever met – ever. The amazing team at Heaps Decent are an army of producers and artists who seek out the disadvantaged youth of our nation – in homeless shelters, juvenile detention, and other community centers – and go make beats, record rhymes, and produce tracks with them.

Routinely they also invite touring artists, like A-trak and M.I.A. to run the workshops. Talented producers + a kid with a voice + Ableton Live is a recipe for all sorts of great things – for our music industry, our community, and for the lives of those kids receiving this mentorship.

We’re very proud to have been supporting the HD crew over the years and have just spent the past 2 months training 16 more of their team. Armed with fresh skills and sounds to take out into the field, there will be some crazy noise coming back to shore from their next excursions and we can’t wait to hear it.

These guys are non-government, and funded by voluntary donations. We highly recommend you heading over and checking them out.