Melbourne band 30/70 get the remix treatment from Setwun. What started as a dub cut he made for the launch of their album Elevate, ended up as a full remix released on Rhythm Section.

“This was a complete surprise to me, it was something I put together in like half a day”.

The fast workflow doesn’t diminish the results, here’s a couple of production notes about the remix worth checking out…

The original version at 85 beats per minute took a massive bump up in tempo to 130 bpm, as you can hear by comparing the two:

Listen again to the remix version and pay attention to the hi-hats. Josh says:

to give the hats samples some life and a sense of natural movement, I set the warp mode so I could play with the transient length. This let me create a groove by undulating between crisp short hits and sizzling full-length hits. Once this was setup I jammed it live and recorded it a few times until I got the right take.”

By working this way, Josh was able to take full creative and expressive control over what was a single long hi-hat sample.

The result is a modern retake on the groove variations of Open Hat / Half-closed / Closed Hat combinations of live-played drums. It’s modern in feel, while still retaining an organic texture and expressivity.

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For a visual on the Warp Mode settings for the hi-hats, here’s how that’s done:

Setwun hat settings


  1. Set the warp mode to Beats,
  2. Set the preserve setting to Transients and the transient loop mode to off (the icon for this is the single forward-arrow).
  3. Now you have control over the blue value while playing the loop. Get a feel for the changes before recording a take.
  4. Jam while recording the result into a new audio track, or while recording from Session to Arrange view.

Josh Molony aka Setwun is a producer, performer and member of the Liveschool training team.