At Liveschool we’re in a great position to see trends emerge – artists that bubble up to the mainstream often take their first steps in production with us. So it’s not a big surprise when we see an artist getting media attention who we recognise from the studios at Liveschool.

What is a bit more unusual is when a movement arises that is made up almost exclusively of Liveschool alumni. The much respected news outlet The Guardian has published a piece on Australia’s emerging hyperpop scene and the article name checks SEVEN artist that have graced the halls of Liveschool.

Ninajirachi, Perto, Kota Banks, Donatachi, Muki, BRUX and Nina Las Vegas all get a mention in the piece which takes a look at the Hyperpop scene as it stands today.

Readers of the Liveschool blog will be familiar with all of these names – we’ve been covering them for years, so its a massive buzz to see The Guardian getting on board with some of the most innovative producers working in music today. Shout-out to arts writer Shaad D’Souza for being ahead of the curve.

While their news piece contains a playlist including those artists, here is our own playlist containing only Liveschool graduate releases in the electronic pop zone:


Electronic pop not your bag?  Try our many other genre-based Liveschool alumni release playlists. Our graduates make and innovate on a broad range of styles and there’s a fair chance some favourite (or new favourite) artists are in there.

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