Sydney singer, songwriter, producer and Liveschool graduate Sparrows is no stranger to the obstacles that the creative process can present. Having released her first single since late 2016, we reached out to discuss a topic that many artists can struggle with… Writers block! here are Sparrows handy tips for taking it face on.

“As music-makers we’re all attracted to starting a track, it’s new and unknown and sexy but once the honeymoon period wears off, the doubt can creep in rendering feelings of hopelessness, self-doubt and entrapment. We may often sit on unfinished tracks out of fear the finished product will be crap, which leads me to my first tip:

Not everything you touch turns to gold

Accept the fact that you are going to make some pretty average tracks. I have quite a few finished songs I’d never show anyone but what I learned in the process of making them is invaluable. Certain ideas and techniques I picked up through persevering with these tracks I’ve carried on into new songs. Every song is fertiliser for the next! So just finish and move on to a new one. There are infinite possibilities and this is just one song so take the pressure off, enjoy the process and get it done.

Get to know your inner attorney and start asking ‘Why?’

Go old school and get out a notepad and pen. Listen to your unfinished track through fresh ears (sometimes you need to leave it for a few days) and make note of your first feels ie It’s lacking energy.. Why? Feels busy..Why? I’m bored with it.. Why?  Is the tempo right? So many variables to consider, but be real with yourself and start asking the hard questions? Make a list of your answers and then roll your sleeves up and start exploring your options. Lately I’ve learned to keep it simple – if an element isn’t serving, let it go.

Time-blocking & Accountability Partner

When I was getting to the final stages of finishing my tracks for this EP (to be released) I would get up in the morning and clean the house – toothbrush on bathroom tiles kinda stuff, solid procrastination! I met up with a mate and I told them what was going on, so they gave me a hardcore deadline. It instantly put me into work mode. I put down the shower power and time-blocked my days. I made a huge list of all the thing”

Sparrows recently finished her debut self-produced single ‘Over & Out’ which is a pop infused indie dance track with a nostalgic electro edge. The track takes the best elements of a mid 2000’s era blog house track and combined with Sparrows vocals, throws out a modern take on something that will probably end up with you dancing on your seat.