RÜFÜS’ James Hunt and Jon George take us and the live audience at INPUT behind the scenes of their live performance setup.

Watch and learn in these three videos about RÜFÜS’ creative process and the technical solutions they used to solve some of the most common challenges in live on-stage performance.

Video 1: 

RÜFÜS talk through turning their ARIA #1 album into a touring live performance, how they manage their CPU when playing live, their on-stage failsafe systems and more.

Video 2: 

Learn about RÜFÜS’ live performance setup and techniques using Ableton Live alongside their instruments, how they manage their headphone-mixes and timing, automated instrument switching techniques, and why Nina Las Vegas is inside their heads.

Video 3: 

Live audience Q&A with James and Jon from RÜFÜS in which they candidly discuss their rise to success and uncover more details on their live performance.

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