Getting the kick and bass to sit together well in the mix is something that requires a some know-how or at least a few workarounds. But what if the kick and bass are the same instrument?

While experimenting with devices native to Ableton Live 10: drum buss, pedal, resonators and some kick samples – Liveschool team members Adam (trainer) and Lama (artist support) made two really interesting discoveries. First, it’s possible to play the Drum Buss device like a MIDI synth, even though it’s not setup to do this. Second, a whole variety of sound design is possible using in-built Ableton Live devices and tuned resonances.

Get the free download here:

Here’s how this sound design technique works. The sounds it can make are surprisingly versatile – from kick-bass combos through to some less expected sounds:

Tips & instructions on using the download

Follow these videos in order, to get the full benefit from using these tools.
Total watch time is less than 30 minutes.

First, a few short steps to get your MIDI controller set up…


Next, make an expressive rhythms & bassline with accents and slides…

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With the pattern in-place lets move on to designing a sound. This is covered in 2 parts / 2 videos:

  • Sound Design pt 1 – getting the Front-edge of the kick right will change everything:



  • Sound Design pt 2 – stacking your bass layers to respond to your Kick-front:


Once you’ve made your kick bass, it’s time to tighten things up, so we made a special Bass Corrector device, and customised it for every track / preset. Here’s why it’s useful, and how to use it…