Wrestling sounds like nothing else out… this year, which shouldn’t be surprising given that its author is a conduit for the most cutting-edge sounds in the world. ”

“Gorgeously soulful & shimmering. . .
intimate & surreal” 


“a wonderfully opaque piece of digital soul”

Kučka is the name behind some of the biggest songs in electronic music of the last few years. As a collaborator she’s in demand – with pop music’s biggest names lining up for a featured vocal or collaboration. But the last 12 months has seen Kučka knuckling down to focus on her solo output – and the result, her debut LP Wrestling is out now on Canadian label Lucky Me.

With such a highly collaborative working process, it makes sense that Kučka now finds herself living in the home of the collab – Los Angeles, where she helms Liveschool’s USA based operations as a Trainer. Speaking with Liveschool for our artist interview series she said of LA – 

I think being around a lot of insanely talented producers and writers has kept me constantly learning. I feel like my skills have improved a ridiculous amount over the past couple of years.

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open

The fact that her LP is the result of collaborative sessions with some of these writers and producers comes as no surprise for an artist that has mastered the art of working with others. Contributors come from names like Flume, Nosaj Thing and Vegyn as well as videos and visual work from artist Dillon Howl.

But let’s be clear – although there are collaborators, this is very much a solo artist release. Laura’s vision, Laura’s writing, Laura’s production.


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After many years of working for others, it took a special level of focus to finalise the record. In her recent interview with The Guardian – she recalls turning down Korean pop superstars BTS for a vocal feature 

“They asked ‘Can you write something for this?’” Lowther says, laughing. “And I was like, ‘I need to finish this random, ambient track that hardly anyone will care about … ’”

This focus is paying dividends now, with her reputation as a solo artist and producer deservedly matching her reputation as collaborator and writer.