• It’s one part vintage drum machine
  • One part beautiful mixing desk, compressor and EQ
  • One part true analog distortion

We think you’ll love making beats with it.

And it’s optimised for use with Push so if you have one of those then, handy!

The download contains 2 drum racks, each with a different way of blending the analog distortion – and 144 LinnDrum samples in total. Like all the others in our sample series, we used the highest class equipment and were meticulous in our attention to detail when creating the sounds.

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About the LinnDrum Samples

The LinnDrum is the bigger brother of the LM-1 – the first ever digital drum machine to use samples of acoustic drums instead of synthesis as the sound source. This technique of using acoustic samples made both machines hugely popular with bands and producers that had found the TR-808 and TR-909’s analog sounds too synthetic and desired more realistic sounds.

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We took a LinnDrum and recorded it through a beautiful Custom Series 75 Powered By Neve mixing console. We used the mixing desk’s on-board compressor and EQ, adjusting the settings for every sound. We also ran each sound separately into another channel on the desk, overdriving the mic input on that channel to point of analog distortion, creating crunchy versions of each sound. The source sounds are straight, classic and pure. The overdriven versions go from subtle to scorched. We also added a few wackily-tweaked hits, particularly the Toms, just for good measure.


Here’s some examples that show short to long decay, zero to toasty overdrive. Track 1 the overdrive is in parallel, Track 2 in series. There’s a robotic audio effect added in just for this upload.

About the Drum Racks

In the download you will find 2 drum racks – each lets you dial through the different LinnDrum samples of each drum type: kick drums, snare drums, claps etc. There are 16 sound types, and a total of 144 LinnDrum samples to choose from.

The reason there are 2 drum racks is you get to choose how you want your distortion:

  • The drum rack on track two offers distortion as a dry / wet dial on each sound, meaning the Overdrive dial allows you to vary the balance of overdrive distortion and clean signal: 0% = no distortion, 50% = an equal blend of clean vs distorted, and 100% = distortion only.
  • The drum rack on track one has the overdrive distortion set up as parallel distortion. Turning up the Overdrive dial on any sound simply adds more of the overdriven sound, without fading-out the clean sound. The result is the bass frequencies and the percussive transient peaks all remain intact and don’t disappear when overdrive is set to full.

Both drum racks are an adaptation of the excellent Kit-Core LD drum rack that comes installed with Ableton Live. We replaced the samples, added sample-selector dials for each sound, and added settings for blending in the overdrive. The only deviation is a slightly different way we setup the Decay dials.

LinnDrum samples drum rack with sample selectors and analogue distortion macros


Ableton Push Control

If you own a Push, you know how much fun it is for making beats with. With this in mind, we’ve constructed the racks in a way we think gives you detailed control over the sounds and still allows you to quickly and easily customise it.

There are 8 macro controls for every sound and there are 8 kit-level macro controls which we leave unassigned, so you can set these up as “performance” controls or customised production controls – giving you quick and easy access to the whichever parameters most useful to you.