The freshest new music releases made by our students, trainers and graduates is something we celebrate here every Friday. The genres flex and bend in so many great tunes and personal milestones on a weekly basis, it’s truly an amazing thing to be a part of.

Enjoy these curated playlists of music made by our community of producers, learners and collaborators…

All Weekly Releases

If you’re a musical omnivore or want to get a feel for the wide range of genres our students and graduates make, this is the playlist of new releases that we add to every Friday – limited to one release per artist, per week.


All the other playlists below have a theme – kinda genre-ish, but more like a where & when style of curation – like where and when would you hear these tunes being played.  We try to stick to a maximum of 90 mins per playlist, so save any favourites tunes to your library before they get swapped out!

Bar Tunes.

Music for conversations, for DJ’s playing at a local bar, or when you’re mixing pre-dinner drinks for friends at home – this selection creates a room-warming energy; is upbeat without being banging and features mostly instrumental tracks for optimum socialising…



Car Shaking Beats

Hip Hop, Trap and Bass-influenced tunes made by our alumni, from classic boom-bap through to the heavier sub-genres. This playlist is a sample of the bass-driven releases that will rattle car windows and test the heaviest of club sub-woofers. Hit the heart button to follow and fill your soundsystem with endless bass…


Pop-slash-Dance/Electronic releases

If electronic producers pre-announced their takeover of pop music we might have a better name for the genre. This selection of Pop-slash-Dance/Electronic releases made by our community cuts well on commercial dancefloors as well as alt or mainstream radio stations. Hit the heart button to follow to and chase the incoming wave of chart-busting artists


Motoric Dancefloor

Covering club-oriented genres – house and techno, with subgenres in melodic, deep, progressive and more. Hit the heart button to get future fresh cuts from the Liveschool fam to add to your DJ sets…


Staunch Dancefloor

Harder, more pacey or even aggressive dancefloor vibes… Hard Techno, Old-school Electro, Acid, Drum & Bass, Hardsytle and more, all on a tougher / more angular tip. Hit the heart button to follow and receive audio caffeine freshly brewed by Liveschool graduates…


Ambient Atmospheres

Music for quietude, sleepitude or effortless astral-projecting. These gentle sounds and sound designs from our global community are ideal for gazing lazily into your inner bird garden. Hit the heart button to follow and receive future somnambulant delights…


Party Tunes

The only playlist that contains songs from other playlists. This is a multi-genre set of festival anthems, party starters and summer vibes… (you might hear these tunes and / or these artists playing at our parties)


Liveschool x Triple J Hottest 100 (2021)

In alphabetical order, here’s 20 songs by Liveschool alumni that were nominated for the Hottest 100 in Australia’s biggest annual listeners poll (Logic1000 “Therapy” has been excluded as it is not on Spotify)