When journalists write about what you make, that’s a real turning point in an artist career. It can be a real trip to be scrolling along then land on an article about you!

Our graduates have gone on to become some of the biggest names in electronic music – and thats the kind of thing that attracts media coverage. Here’s a quick overview of all the places Liveschool and our Community have been getting love from lately.


The Guardian

Staying on the ball must be a challenge when you’re 200 years old, but The Guardian are managing well! They have published a piece on Hyperpop – a genre that just happens to be filled with Liveschool grads. They name drop Ninajirachi, Kota Banks, Donatachi, Nina Las Vegas and Perto in the article as key members of the emerging scene. We’re immensely proud to see our students gaining high level recognition – and The Guardian is just about as high as it gets!


Stoney Roads

Longtime supporters of Australian electronic music, Stoney Roads have published a piece by a satisfied Liveschool Graduate. It might read like an advertisement but we can assure you its not – just an article by one happy student who has come away from their eight week course with a whole heap of new skills.


Kučka’s rave reviews

Not content with spearheading our LA operations, co-writing with some of the biggest names in music and being an in demand top liner – Kučka has gone and released her debut album, elevating her reputation as a solo artist to match her rep as a collaborator. But don’t just take our word for it! Her record Wrestling has had a load of press attention, with everyone from NME to Rolling Stone and The Guardian taking notice.



Flume goes Finance

Flume is everywhere. Like actually everywhere. He’s probably been covered by every major media outlet on earth… but we have a feeling this might be a first. Flume in the Australian Financial Review. Granted this is more about finance than a regular Flume story – detailing his foray into crypto art with long time collaborator Jonathon Zawada (check their mini site of NFT artworks) but the end result is the same. Our guy in the financial pages. Weird!