The core skill of effective music creation is being able move people. The ideas, how you craft and render them, and then delivering in a form they can process.  It can be a complicated thing to do so it’s important to play to your strengths. Working out the way in which you feel comfortable working is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when it comes to truly finding your voice. Are you a Producer who works creating tracks alone? Are you a Songwriter who crafts lyrics and collaborates with a Producer? Or are you a combination of both?

There are unique challenges to overcome in all of these ways of working. Here are just a few of the Liveschool community who work as Songwriters, Producers and Producer/Songwriters.



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Liveschool alum Montaigne is going from strength to strength with the upcoming release of her new LP “Complex”. As a songwriter she crafts songs that are rich in meaning and collaborates with producers to create fully realised works. Complex will feature songs that deal with themes of escape, self-realisation, isolation, and love. She will be heading out on the road this November around the country in support of the release.



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Producer-singer-songwriter, Kucka, is always pushing forwards. From collabs with Flume and Cosmos Midnight to her own acclaimed output, she never disappoints. Listen to her solo productions and you’ll hear what she brings to the table when she steps into a studio session. A prime example is this track from Flume’s 2017 album Skin, one of three collaborations between Flume and Kucka to feature on the record.

Swaine Delgado

Perth based producer / songwriter Swaine Delgado has recently released his new single “Fading”, a late night ode to a hypothetical lover. Working as a producer, songwriter and vocalist gives Swaine the freedom to explore ideas from beginning to end without outside input, resulting in songs that a rich in personal touches and idiosyncratic details.

Vera Blue


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Vera Blue backs up her status as a top flight songwriter with a solid grounding in production, enabling her to collaborate with producers to create her unique blend of electronic pop. On her new single, “The Way That You Love Me” her dark lyrics are perfectly complemented by an unsettling palate of sounds from producers and frequent collaborators Andy and Thom Mak.

Produce Music Online

Korky Buchek


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Rising duo Korky Buchek are two producers pushing boundaries all over the place. On a mission to deliver a message of peace and unity Korky Buchek are able to work recording their own vocals as well as collaborating with other vocalists. On the production process for one of their recent tracks, one half of the duo says

“We were just locked in the studio for like three days and there was an accordion. Tom was playing some notes on that and I just randomly got on the mic and freestyled some lyrics, just yelled into the mic. Every process is different.”

Chase Zera


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Recent graduate Chase Zera is the full package, able to produce, write and perform. She released her most recent single Mess earlier in the year and will be supporting Hayden James on his upcoming tour.

Antonia Gauci

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Big screen = BIG VIBES

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Mixing, recording, producing, writing, performing, playing, singing – we’re yet to find something Antonia isn’t equally comfortable or adept at. This keeps her busy as a working producer at Golden Retriever studios and a gigging performer in her eponymous band Gauci.



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Along with an amazing voice, Tashka is an absolute gun on keys and production. This enables her to take songs from the most basic stage to fully realised. Her most recent single Vacant dropped in 2018.