For the health and safety of Liveschool students we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis, and will continue to set policies above and beyond the government health regulations.

Below are answers to some FAQ’s and if you want to ask something not covered here, contact us. We’re here to help.


Are my courses and classes still running?

Yes. At Liveschool we’re uniquely well prepared for operational shifts during the COVID-19 period.

  • All current courses continue uninterrupted.
  • All upcoming intakes are still going ahead as scheduled.
  • Students have the choice of attending classes at our physical premises or joining via online from home.

Our experience in fully-online delivery means we can seamlessly transition any in-person sessions to online and transition back as each student’s situation or preferences change.


I’m in an online course – are there any changes for me?

For fully-online students nothing changes with regards to your training or your timetable.

Only difference is an increase in the number of additional online masterclasses, workshops and collaboration events you can join, as all our studio events go online too.


I was looking to do the course at the Sydney Studios – but I’m not yet confident with COVID-19 still being in the community. Can I start the course fully online then switch to physical classes part-way through?

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage the online option for anyone who is in regular contact with anyone at-risk, or where commute to class places you in peak-hour public transport.


I’m doing a course at the Sydney Studios – will my classes be online or physical.

With the NSW Government announcement, as of 18 May 2020 we have switched to Mode B (see below) meaning you have the choice to attend classes either in person or join online from home, depending on your needs or preferences.

These are the 3 operational modes – starting at Mode A during normal times, Mode B during Covid-19 restrictions, and Mode C during Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Mode A: Blended learning
    • Live classes taught at our Sydney studios,
    • Additional online learning
    • Online personal mentorship
    • This is the mode during normal times
  • Mode B: Hybrid classes – during mild COVID-19 restrictions
    • Any student can join their physical class from home online, if they need or prefer to
    • This is the mode during milder COVID-19 restrictions. During normal times, any student can opt to join from home such as if they have a cold.
  • Mode C: Fully online classes
    • Taught from Sydney, Europe and USA, covering most time zones.
    • Live online classes
    • Additional online learning
    • Online personal mentorship
    • These are available year-round, but is also the mode for all classes during COVID-19 lockdown.

In May we have reintroduced Mode B (hybrid classes) as social distancing and self-isolation resumes. When all government restrictions are cancelled, we will return to Mode A – and you better believe we’ll be putting on a party.


Do I miss anything by being online instead of at the physical studios?

The main difference is the physical access to equipment in our Studio Hub sessions. Given students have lifetime membership to our Studio Hub events (online and physical) the main outcome of this temporary shift is there will be many more studio events in online-format than usual.


What steps are taken for care and safety of the students?

  • All Liveschool classes have a maximum of 9 students. The rooms are large, and we set distancing measures above the government guidelines.
  • All students are temperature checked with a thermometer gun upon arrival to the studios.
  • Year-round we clean and sanitise equipment and common surfaces after every session, but since Covid-19 we have increased the strength and switched formulas of the sanitising solutions.
  • Students can still choose to join their classes online from home instead of the studio whenever they need or prefer to, and can at any time switch between between the two.
  • Studio Hub events will continue to be held online for as long as necessary.

For all Liveschool students currently on-course or soon to start, we have created a live feed in the Student Community Portal where we will compile all the latest updates of what’s going on during the COVID-19 period.


Overview of Hybrid classes 

Note – the information below is for when Hybrid classes can resume. For now are physical classes are currently replaced with fully-online classes during lockdown.

These 5 short videos explain the setup we will return to when the restrictions ease:






Thank you and stay safe during this extraordinary time.