For the health and safety of Liveschool students we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis, and will continue to set policies above and beyond the government health regulations.

Our Covid-safe plan is registered with the NSW Government and you can read about how our classes are running, faq’s and recent updates below…

Update 22 February 2022:

All restrictions have been lifted by the NSW Government.

Our small class sizes, spacious facilities and ability for students to switch between in-person and online whenever they need or prefer means that there are very few changes, except that we are now finally able to include these things again:

  • Singers recording in-studio
  • Larger alumni collaboration sessions on-premises
  • Our parties will have dancefloors again, instead of seated-only

Key points:

  • Increased health and safety measures are ongoing: high levels of cleaning and sanitisation,
  • Any student can still switch between attending in-person or online whenever they need or prefer, such as for self-quarantine or any other concerns.
  • All classes, studio sessions and alumni sessions outside of regular classes (such as alumni masterclasses and collaboration-events) are ongoing, uninterrupted.
  • Masks are optional, and are not required by law

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some FAQs.
If you have any other questions, do ask and we’ll be happy to help!


Are my courses and classes still running?

Yes. At Liveschool we’re uniquely well prepared for operational shifts during the COVID-19 period.

  • All current courses continue uninterrupted.
  • All upcoming intakes are still going ahead as scheduled.
  • Students have the choice of attending classes at our physical premises or joining via online from home.

Our experience in fully-online delivery means we can seamlessly transition any in-person sessions to online and transition back as each student’s situation or preferences change.


I’m in an online course – are there any changes for me?

For fully-online students nothing changes with regards to your training or your timetable.

Only difference is an increase in the number of additional online masterclasses, workshops and collaboration events you can join, as all our studio events are now streamed online too.


I was looking to do the course at the Sydney Studios – but I’m not yet confident with COVID-19 still being in the community. Can I start the course fully online then switch to physical classes part-way through?

Yes, you can. There are 10 seats in each class and your seat is your seat regardless of whether you are on-premises or beamed into the classroom online. And you can switch between online and in-studio as needed. For anyone who is in regular contact with anyone at-risk we encourage the online option until that risk has passed.


I’m doing a course at the Sydney Studios – will my classes be online or physical?

We are currently operating in Mode A, so the choice is yours – and you can change your preference anytime, even from one class to the next.

Here is more detail about our COVID response modes:

During the COVID period we have the 3 operational modes: Mode A during normal times, Mode B during Covid-19 restrictions, and Mode C during Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Mode A: Blended learning
    • Live classes taught at our Sydney studios, or fully-online intakes for the US and Europe. All Sydney students have the ability to switch between in-person and online whenever their needs change.
    • Additional online learning
    • Online personal mentorship
    • This is the mode during normal times, or when social-distancing is based on a “square metres per person” venue capacity rule.


  • Mode B: Hybrid classes – during enhanced COVID-19 restrictions.
    • Hybrid live/online classes taught at our Sydney studios, or fully-online intakes for the US and Europe. Sydney classes a blend of 5 students in-person and 4 students joining online for maximum distancing.
    • Additional online learning
    • Online personal mentorship
    • This is the mode during milder COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Mode C: Fully online classes – available anytime, but is also the mode for all classes during any COVID-19 lockdown period. (Current Government attitudes at both state and national levels are against future lockdowns, so we don’t expect this mode will likely).
    • Taught from Sydney, Europe and USA, covering most time zones.
    • Live online classes
    • Additional online learning
    • Online personal mentorship


Do I miss anything by being online instead of at the physical studios?

Aside from physical access to equipment in our Alumni Events sessions, there are no other limitations. Given that our Produce Music students have lifetime membership to our Alumni Events distance-learning students get priority access to attend physical sessions any time they visit Sydney. Talk to our admissions team if you have any questions about how this works.


What steps are taken for care and safety of the students?

  • All Liveschool classes have a maximum of 10 students. The rooms are large, and we set distancing measures above the government guidelines.
  • Year-round we clean and sanitise equipment and common surfaces after every session, but since Covid-19 we have increased the strength and switched formulas of the sanitising solutions.
  • Students can still choose to join their classes online from home instead of the studio whenever they need or prefer to, and can at any time switch between between the two.
  • Masterclasses and collaboration-events are streamed online for anyone who is unable or prefers not to attend in-person.

For all Liveschool students currently on-course or soon to start, we have created a live feed in the Student Community Portal where we will compile all the latest updates of what’s going on during the COVID-19 period.