This edition of Local Wax comes from one of Sydney’s finest purveyors of electronic music, Andy Garvey. With an impeccable ear and far reaching taste, Andy brings a diverse palette of local and international dance music to the airwaves with her own show Pure Space on FBi Radio, and as the producer of Mix Up on Triple J.

In DJ mode, Andy is a floor filler and regular fixture at Vibe Positive and Future Classic events, and has warmed up for the likes of Florian Kupfer, Julio Bashmore, Jayda G, Mall Grab, Cyril Hahn and Anthony Naples.

Andy’s picks cover a wide range of moods, from the cruisey afternoon vibe of Low Flung, all the way through to some serious 3am burners from Lou Karsh and Reptant.

Low Flung Coastal Garden 7"

Low Flung – Coastal Garden

​Top track: Coastal Garden

Label: Ken Oath

Something lush and floaty from Ex-Canberran / Sydney’s Danny Wild aka Low Flung. Perfect for pondering almost anything whilst walking on sand.

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Hugo Gerani - // 'Esplore' // A1 She's Lying (Roe St On The Fone Mix)

Hugo Gerani – Esplore EP

Top track: She’s Lying (Roe St On The Fone Mix)

​Label: Cosi Cosi Records

TFW you finally find a track that’s been stuck in your head after a night out. Hugo Gerani takes you higher with his super casual showstopper.




Leo James - Event Horizon

Leo James – Event Horizon EP

Top track: All of them!

​Label: Berceuse Heroique

Leo’s become one of those artists who’s releases I ‘auto-cop’ – straight into the basket. You know it’s going to be that good.




hymns - Waves of Nothing EP

Hymns – Waves Of Nothing

Top track: Water Acid or Heinz Harald Frentzen 

​Label: Salt Mines

Late night euphoria. Melbourne’s Hymns’ debut EP lets you open your mind, and shake it up with friendly acid lines and tight breaks.




Reptant - Night Time Creepin EP

Reptant – Night Time Creepin EP

Top track: Hydrax or Rancour, both so sick

​Label: Tomahawk

Acid lurker from Melbourne who makes music to be a creep to.





Pure Space on FBi 94.5FM

Andy’s show Pure Space digs deep into underground house and tasteful techno. Tune in on Mondays 9-11pm on FBi Radio 94.5FM.

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