One of 2020’s biggest breakout stars was Logic 1000. In a year without clubs or festivals she managed to keep us bopping in our chairs with a steady rollout of singles featuring expertly sliced breakbeats and vocal samples. On her new record “You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go” Logic continues to prove why she’s been tapped by artists like Caribou and Four Tet as one of the next generation of crossover club stars.

With Liveschool trainer Thomas McAllister (aka Big Ever) on co-production duties, Logic’s new record picks up where she left off on 2020’s Perfume. Warmth and groove are the constants across her discography and this EP is no different. Tunes like “I Wont Forget” and “Like My Way” draw a direct line between her earlier tracks like “Please Forgive Me” with catchy vocal melodies and swinging drums.

On the second half of the record we see Logic stretching out into less familiar territory with “Medium” referencing vintage Electro sounds and “Her” showing us what we might expect from a Logic 1000 DJ set, rolling rhythms skirting the boundary between techno and house in a style reminiscent of an expert DJ transitioning between moods in the club.

More than just following up on initial hype, Logic 1000’s new EP proves that she has the potential to become one of the big names in underground dance music. And since this is one every DJ will want inĀ  their box, the place to get the full-quality audio files is over on her bandcamp: