We could write an intro to this dancefloor-slaying track – but you might agree that Four Tet said it best:

Logic1000 and Liveschool trainer Cop Envy co-produced this debut EP at the end of last year, released on Sumac Records and has been getting rinsed in clubs and festivals ever since.

Logic1000 initially went by the name Dj Logic. But with the internet, Google search and, lets face it, the English dictionary being the blunt instruments they are, there was no way for fans to reconcile the fact that there was already one – or many – Dj Logics in the known universe. One Dj Logic issued a cease-and-desist, thus necessitating a name-change and heralding the age of Logic1000.

Given how tight this whole EP is, we hope Dj Logic – indeed all the Dj Logics – have found it in their hearts to forgive.