We have some new music for you to get your ears around, Eugene Sanso aka. lusyv has just put out his first track since graduating from our Produce Music Intensive course in January.

‘Channels’ is an emotive cut which draws on Eugene’s influences from trap and bass music. Dig in for four minutes of huge synths, epic melodies, and an all-round excellent atmosphere:



We took five with Eugene to talk a bit about his process and find out how the track came together:

What was your inspiration behind the tune? 

I wanted to create something that blended a few of the styles and artists I’ve been listening to lately while keeping it as fresh and original as possible. That’s why it sort of has those trappy vibes with a chill wave/future bass-esque feel and a really melodic and airy breakdown/intro to bring it all together.

Any new production techniques you were experimenting with for this one?

I went pretty vocal heavy with this release, twisting and looping vocal samples to make pads, chops, and even using a vocal sample for part of the lead melody. I’d always used vocals as they came more or less so it was fun to actually make instruments out of them.

Once you’d had the initial idea, how did you finish it off?

I probably made this over the span of about a month, it was something I kept coming back to and it evolved quite a bit from where I first thought it was heading. I wasn’t even going to finish the track but one day everything just flowed and I pretty much did 90% of it that day/night. Once you get that momentum you really just have to run with it and see where it takes you!

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