When the originator of Acid House gives your new acid tracks his seal of approval, you’re probably on the right path. That’s exactly what happened to graduate Zac Lopez, with the one and only DJ Pierre using one of his tracks to plug an upcoming party in London.


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It’s been a wild ride so far for Zac with his new EP Planet Bounce getting support from Lauren Flax, an affiliate of the influential Bunker NY label / club night leading to spins on Rinse FM and in DJ sets across the globe. But it got weirder when Zac woke up one day to messages on his social media account saying that Pierre had shared one of his tracks, Planet Bounce.

Zac completed his first tracks under the name Mac Ramirez during his stint at Liveschool two years ago. When he reached out to one of his favourite labels Get Up Recordings in New York he never imagined he would get a response. Not only did he get a response, they signed his track and released it with a remix package.

With his new two track EP he looks like a producer with laser focus. Across the two hypnotic tunes Zac showcases the true spirit of Acid House, twisting 303 lines, jacking 808 drums and a complete disregard for the more pop oriented structures of modern dance music. Theres no Hi-fi drops, no chorus, no verse, just mind melters designed for late nights in a dark room.

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