It’s fitting that the the founders of the Multi Culti record label hail from as distant cities as Montreal and Sydney.

With a roster of artists and producers hailing from Sao Paolo, Burkina Faso, Israel, Morocco and beyond, Multi Culti’s Angus Gruzman and Thomas Von Party have threaded together a sound from the furthest reaches of the globe that’s near impossible to pigeonhole – it’s a blend of organics and electronics with a combined musical ethnicity that resides in no actual place on earth.

Exhibit A: take listen for yourself to this, their first compilation entitled “Multi Culti Japan”, featuring music from the full spectrum of their roster:

Multi Culti have been forging this path to discover, join and create exotic sonic tribes since 2013. From their already-diverse release history, a distinct imagery and aesthetic has emerged – a collection of seemingly electro-pagan cultures, whose imagined jungles, temples and villages are juxtaposed with technology, circuits and wires.

Angus Gruzman and Thomas Von Party have had long and storied musical careers, with each previously at the being at the helm of Bang Gang Records and Turbo Recordings, respectively. In stark contrast to the output of Bang Gang and Turbo, Multi Culti has them stepping out of their dancefloor kicks, and slipping into something far more comfortable. For such hardened party-rats this change of pace could indicate a surrender to the after-party come-down, but rather it seems they’re smoke-signaling the discovery of a skewed post-party-zen at dawn. Coconut water in-hand.

While his metamorphosis has been gradual, for Angus Gruzman the transformation to the realm of Multi Culti is now complete. From his Bang Gang beginnings as Gus Da Hoodrat, he now resides many levels deeper under the artist name Dreems.

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In this candid video interview filmed at Liveschool, Thomas & Angus chat about where Multi-Culti is coming from and going to, as well as sharing some insights into the themes and inspirations behind Angus’ album as Dreems.

After a releasing a series of 12″s and remixes (including two that Liveschool’s own Adam Maggs collaborate on) Dreems released his debut album “In Dreems” on Multi Culti earlier this year. “In Dreems” can be streamed below with an immersive 4-part visual accompaniment by English designer Hans Lo:

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