Fresh off the coast of LA, Liveschool Alumni Charlie Maynard has paired with singer/songwriter and long time friend Ryan Lafferty (NYC) to work on an exciting new project called FARE. 

The multi-faceted, multi-skilled duo are aiming to bridge the gap and blur the lines between varied genres.

The Fare’s list of influencers range from electronica of the 80’s from New Order and Kraftwerk, pop classics Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel, to contemporary artists like Jamie XX, Nick Murphy and Mark Ronson. The pairs’ cross-genre pollination paves way for a unique sound. 

The pair were initially discovered by the EDM Sauce Label Herø Records. Earlier in 2018 they released their debut single Had enough – the track gives off a summer-pool-party-in-Ibiza-on-a-hot-steamy-day kind of vibe. This won’t be all you hear from the pair this year though, and the bounce is not over. They’re only just getting started:

“This release is the first of a few tracks we plan to release this year – and it has been a long time in the making.”


Keeping to the theme of bridging gaps and marrying two sides of the spectrum, the track narrates a situation that is all too familiar to millennials dating in this generation. With Lafferty belting out the vocals over a beat which could seem a little unorthodox for the subject matter, the pair still managed to find a sweet spot.

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Maynard spent some time with Liveschool during the formative years of his music career and had some advice to share with budding producers/musicians. This kind of attitude should probably be applied to any artistic endeavour by the sounds of it. Making the most of your surroundings and the tools at your disposal is something Maynard thinks every artist should do.

“My best advice to upcoming Liveschool producers is to invest every last ounce of time you can harness into your journey as a producer or songwriter, so you can see a return on that investment as fast as possible. Plan your time purposefully for creative sessions, analyzing tracks, sound design, mixing, collaboration, learning new skills, discovering music, going to shows, workshops, etc. Keep your rate of output high and set deadlines for new tracks to keep moving.

Lastly, be kind to yourself throughout the entire process. You’ll thank yourself later.”

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