The full release of Ableton Live 11 is just around the corner, but here at Liveschool we have been lucky enough to give it a road test ahead of the official release day in early 2021. This update is stacked full new devices that will help you make, record and perform music as well as workflow enhancements that will get you where you want to go quicker than you could before.

When Live 11 is available to the general public, we will have trainer Thomas McAlister (AKA: Big Ever / Cop Envy) running a series of training events taking you through the new features in a comprehensive manner. These events will be public, so anyone can join in online and get up to speed on what to expect from the new release.

Over the weeks until the official release date we will be rolling out this new series of videos, so make sure to keep an eye on the Liveschool social media accounts for updates.

As a taste of what’s in store, here’s Thomas taking us through 2 of his favourite new features so far. Each week we will add one more feature till we reach our fave 11 features.



A big workflow improvement is in the Macros section. Allowing you to randomly alter the positions of Macro knobs and then store and recall the positions using snapshots.



With the addition of MPE, Live 11 is capable of much more expressive performances than ever before. One great example of this is using pitch bend on individual notes, allowing you to turn simple chord progressions into complex and evolving progressions.



We are loving the new Hybrid Reverb! This new device mixes traditional linear reverb with convolution reverb. Convolution reverb allows you to take measurements of real spaces and then use those measurements to create reverb effects that represent this particular space. Where things get really crazy is when you start tweaking the parameters of these real spaces to create something unique. With the Hybrid Reverb this is made intuitive and fun, leading to some very unique reverb sounds that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. Check out Thom going wild on the pre-delay on a drum track.



Continuing the tradition of Live’s Vocoder, Resonator and Corpus comes a new resonator device, able to stretch, shift and blur incoming signals in any number of ways, the Spectral Resonator will open the door to a wide range of effects from subtle to extreme. Check Thomas using the Spectral Resonator to add tonal character to a drum track.



The single biggest new feature in Live 11 is Comping. While usually used for compiling takes of vocals or instruments, check what happens when Cop Envy gets his hands dirty with some breakbeats. This is a super cool technique that will save you hours of editing and keep the flow going.


In Live 11 the Redux device has been updated with some very cool new features including a filter section. Check Cop Envy giving us the lowdown on the technique behind the filtered effects on some of Drake’s iconic early beats.



Some of the best improvements in Live 11 are pure workflow enhancements. Check this technique for switching up templates for different tasks, from mixing to sound creation to production. This is going to be a massive productivity booster!



One feature we are super excited about is the new suite of Probability tools. While it’s easy to use probability sequencing to spice up your drum tracks, we thought we might try and find a different way to use this feature. This technique shows how you can apply probability to effects – use this to create dynamic and evolving effects to keep your tracks constantly fresh.