Liveschool graduate Nina Las Vegas has been pushing club music in new and exciting directions for over a decade, through her time hosting Triple J’s House Party, an illustrious DJ career, her label NLV Records, and most recently through her own production.

Nina’s just shared the title track off her upcoming Lucky Girl EP, giving us a taste of what’s to come from the release.

Taking a distinct change of direction from last year’s high octane single Freeze, the new track takes the form of a modern ballad, complete with breakdown sections featuring intricate drum programming from collaborator Swick.

Nina said trying something new was a deliberate decision:

“in summer I started trying to create slower chord patterns with basic melodies and no drums. I’ve always loved raw, effortless vocals, so it felt natural to add a simple topline. When I played Lucky Girl to Swick, he really liked it and wanted to add drums straight away.”

Check out the track below, and stay tuned for the full release which includes collaborations with an all-star Australian cast of Vera Blue, Ecca Vandal, Swick and Liveschool trainer Ninajirachi.

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