Grab your headphones or plug in that aux cord, we’ve got some new tunes to share from the Liveschool community. Here are five new releases from our students and graduates that we’ve been spinning in the studio, covering a huge range of styles and sounds from spacey electronica to industrial noise.

Tashka - Yokubo

Tashka – Yokubo

A dreamy piece of electronic pop with edge. Yokubo opens up with some tricky vocal samples reminiscent of Laurie Anderson’s ‘O Superman’, with Tashka’s commanding vocals floating effortlessly above. When things kick in, it’s a beautifully written and extremely catchy pop song, with enough strange sounds and glitchy elements to make for a unique listen. This one copped premieres and love from our friends over at Pilerats and Purple Sneakers too!

For fans of: FKA Twigs, Kelela, Annie Bass

Perto - All Damn Day

Perto – What U Need (Ft. all damn day)

Rupert Howarth has been busy. Over the last few months he’s cranked out remixes for party dons Valentino Khan, Flosstradamus and Wacka Flocka Flame, and his new single What U Need featuring Seattle-based All Damn Day proves that his originals are just as amazing as his reworks. This tunes goes hard on the 808s and autotune vocals, culminating with a twisted lead synth line that sounds so wrong that it’s right.

For fans of: Hudson Mohawke, Trippie Redd, Alison Wonderland

Point Clare

Point Clare – Chai Latte

Point Clare aka Seb Priou is a producer who’s been consistently impressing all of us here. The public tracks as well as the private “in progress” links he shares to our private community pages are always to release-ready standard. It was hard choosing a favourite to share here, so here’s the most recent one.

For fans of: Soulection, MXXWLL, FKJ 

lusyv - You Got Me

lusyv – You Got Me

Eugene Sanso has been cranking out tunes at an alarming rate since graduating from Produce Music Intensive in January. His emotive new single ‘You Got Me’ takes cues from future bass and deep house, tastefully blending synth arpeggios, huge drums, and an undeniable vocal hook

For fans of: What So Not, Zhu, Hayden James

Amelia Arsenic - Queen Of Risk

Amelia Arsenic – Queen Of Risk EP

An industrial record for 2018. Put out through Glitch Mode recordings, this no-holds barred release never takes its foot off the accelerator with screaming guitars, brutal percussion and Amelia’s idiosyncratic vocal style. The release copped a 9/10 review over at Brutal Resonance, touting it as ‘ the perfect combination of glitz, glamour, and attitude molded into one hell of a dark electronic concoction’.

Favourite track: Queen Of Risk

For fans of: Ministry, Grimes, Marilyn Manson

Keooo nic - Lutra EP

Keoo Nic – Lutra

Nick Otter’s back with another lush Keoo Nic EP. Lutra sits squarely in the realm of electronica, evoking that expansive feeling that you might associate with Tycho or Bonobo. It’s a dynamic listen; at times feeling introspective and spacey, but when the filters open up on those synth arpeggios things really turn up. It seems like Nic is tipping the cap to trance and rave in his own individual way.

For fans of: Bonobo, Thrupence, Tycho

Favourite Track: At Bay

Misolt 'Creepy Bad Guys' EP

Misolt – Creepy Bad Guys EP

Jake Fitzpatrick’s atmospheric debut is a dynamic EP that takes you on a real journey from start to finish. Expect to hear a mix of moody field recordings, huge synth melodies, booming hip hop drums and grime textures. It’s at once uplifting, frightening, and raw. Jake first shared the demos for the release with us a few months back and we’re excited to see his vision fully realised.

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open

For fans of: Willaris K. Jon Hopkins, Nosaj Thing, Laurel Halo

Favourite Track: Bones

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