How good would it be to be writing tunes in Berlin with your band, and the band is Seekae? Crazy good, right?

And how amazing would it be to be asked to play Boiler Room live with your other act, Cliques? (Derr – yes, also good of course).

Well, such is the life of Liveschool trainer George Nicholas – but as luck would(n’t) have it, this Boiler Room set was the Sydney leg of the Boiler Room Australia tour and George couldn’t be in two hemispheres at once.

FORTUNATELY, Cliques is a duo and so George’s counterpart, Hamish Dixon, took the challenge single-handedly… and smashed it!

It’s pretty safe to say this set is one of the best in the Boiler Room Australian tour series – and it’s no mere dj set – this is all original Cliques tunes.

Note: Check how the camera focus blurs with the sub-bass for added realism.

Now Interviewing March 2020

Watch the Video here.

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