A huge thanks to everyone that came to last Saturday’s INPUT event focused on production for live performance, including our presenters – Daedelus, Joel Farland, MXXWLL, Adam Maggs and Toby Pike. Thanks also to Store DJ for hooking us up with some prizes and congratulations to Jahteen and Olympia on taking them home.

INPUT is the public face of our ongoing quest to develop local music culture. By connecting the most current music innovators to those who will be the next wave, we believe we’re strengthening our industry and we’re grateful that you’re a part of it.

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Ableton’s Adam Maggs introducing the event

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MXXWLL opened the day with a quick live set showing his impressive keyboard & guitar chops

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Daedelus’ talk on the ethos behind his live performances was incredible, very inspiring!

Daedelus' jamming out on his Monome controllers

Daedelus’ jamming out on his Monome controllers

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Attendees getting up close & personal with Daedelus

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Daedelus (real name Alfred Darlington) & attendees get hands on with the “Delaydelus” effects unit

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Joel Farland (Broods / Miami Horror) talks the crowd through building bulletproof Ableton Live sets for live shows

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Liveschool’s Josh Molony

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Liveschool student Josh Giudice aka Son.der

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Liveschool students Luen & Sam

Toby Pike talking through the creative process behind Flume's infinity prism

Toby Pike talking through the creative process behind Flume’s infinity prism

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