Thanks to everyone that came to last Saturday’s INPUT: Music Production Masterclass, including our amazing presenters – Jono Ma, Elizabeth Rose, Eric J Dubowsky and Mr. Bill.

INPUT is the public face of our ongoing quest to develop local music culture. By connecting the most current music innovators to those who will be the next wave, we believe we’re strengthening our industry and we’re grateful that you’re a part of it.

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INPUT liveschool

Push Workshop INPUT March 7th 2015-7

Attendees getting involved in a Push based producer sprint workshop on the day.

Push Workshop INPUT March 7th 2015-5

Push producer sprint workshop with attendees

Push Workshop INPUT March 7th 2015-8

Push action in the producer sprint workshop

mr bill ableton live tutorial

Mr. Bill blew minds with his ultra fast workflows

Elizabeth rose Ableton Live school input

Elizabeth Rose took us behind the scenes on the production process and Ableton Live sessions fro songs from her forthcoming debut album 

jono ma ableton live jagwar ma

Jono Ma showed us how his field recordings from Africa evolved into Jagwar Ma songs 

Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma)

Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) 

Eric J Dubowsky

ARIA award winning mix engineer Eric J Dubowsky Eric J Dubowsky candidly shared loads of mixing tips and tales from his illustrious career.

Push Workshop INPUT March 7th 2015-6
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