OUTPUT is a free event for graduates of Liveschool’s Produce Music course.

It’s an opportunity for our graduates to share and discuss the music that they’ve been working on, hear what other students are up to, and network with other Produce Music graduates (students across multiple classes attend).

Our first ever OUTPUT event was held on the 26th March 2015 at Studios 301. We heard some incredible music from the 20 recent graduates that attended (well done everyone!), followed by a BBQ cooked up by trainer George Nicholas (Seekae) and plenty drinks in the courtyard at Studios 301.

Take listen to some of the graduate’s music in the playlist below. For some these are works-in-progress, for others it’s the first track they’ve finished – yet others have achieved their first release, are gaining a following and have some killer tracks in the pipleline (that we can’t share yet until their official release date). Listen and follow their profiles, these are producers to watch:

Huge thanks to everyone that made it such a great night, we can’t wait for the next one!

Check out our upcoming events here.

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open
OUTPUT blog post pics-7

Listening through student’s latest tracks and final projects

OUTPUT blog post pics-1

Recent graduate Josh G (aka Son.der)

OUTPUT blog post pics-2

Liveschool student Taylor with Adam Maggs (Ableton)

OUTPUT blog post pics-9

OUTPUT blog post pics-3

Recent graduates Jack, Gabriella and Mellissa

OUTPUT blog post pics-4

L-R recent graduates Jo, Michael and Josh

OUTPUT blog post pics-8

L-R Liveschool student support manager Josh (aka Setwun) with Steele (aka Corporate Phoney), Jason and Michael (aka Hot Chick)

OUTPUT blog post pics-10

Courtyard after-party at Studios 301

OUTPUT blog post pics-11

Trainer Yama Indra (aka GLOVES) and recent graduate Sam Litchfield (aka Haliia)

OUTPUT blog post pics-14

Trainer George Nicholas (Seekae) on BBQ duties – iPhone quality sorry, but the world has to see that apron!


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