Chase Zera has introduced herself to the world with an effervescent ode to independence and confidence. Her debut single “Clovers” bubbles and shimmers with re-pitched vocals, grooving analogue bassline and clean drum production. A recent graduate of Liveschool, Chase has been performing since the age of 6 and Clovers represents the high point of her long journey through almost every corner of the performing arts.

On the meaning behind Clovers, Chase describes a moment of self realisation

‘Cutting Clovers’ is a take on life’s signs and symbolises the moment in a relationship I decided
to stop looking into signs and using them to make excuses for someone’s behaviour and instead got the courage to see the toxic situation for what it really was and stand up for myself.”

With an impressive number of collaborations in the bag already and a high energy live show, this girl from the Northern Beaches looks set for big things!