Insistent and restrained – these are the hallmarks of three understated minimal tech cuts from new Sydney duo JV & Palf, just released on October Records (BUOY, Moonbase Commander).

We caught up with Max Palfrey, Liveschool graduate, about what makes his productions and releases tick.

Listen to these previews while you read on…

– and head over to Spotify or Bandcamp to hear the full length tracks.

Who’s JV?

JV is a producer from Sydney, I met him at a warehouse party back in 2013. I had been hearing his productions on FBI over the past 2 years and when one of my ideas for my IljusWifmo project was knocked back I thought I would reach out and see if he was game to have a crack at it. We began trading different projects back and forth and a year later we have an EP.

What production techniques are behind that tight but spacious feel to the tracks?

I guess a common theme in these tracks is the Reverb edits. I recorded a lot of reverbs through different VSTs, automating various parameters to try build suspense and to create unique transitions throughout. I also used a nifty little Max4live device that George put me onto called Dub Machines – analogue echo’s for Live. It comes with 2 devices that reproduce the sound of classic tape and analogue delays ( Rolland RE-201 Space Echo / Korg Stage Echo ETC ) . Although they are quite hard to control, once you get the knack of it they are allot of fun and you can get some very unique sounds / happy accidents – the spring reverb in particular is great.

What advice do you have for upcoming producers?

*Mastering will not save your tracks. Make sure your mix is sounding great before you get to that stage – and if you’re not up to scratch with your mixing skills but believe your idea stands up – get some one to mix it for you.
*  Patience ! Keep going no matter how much you suck at the start. If you have solid taste then its only a matter of time until your technical capabilities will match up.
* Go easy on yourself – sitting down for an hour or 2 and getting no where is never in vain. It’s in those sessions you might pick up a new trick that will be the spark for your next project.
* Stay Hydrated 🙂

And any tips for Liveschool students?

When the AUX chord comes around don’t be a pussy!! An opportunity to get feed back on your tracks week-in week-out from revered producers is something you would be foolish to pass up.